Room Hire

As  of early 2019,  the fully set up room at no 10 Wade  river rd, may become available for an individual to use on casual or permanent basis.

the day is Friday  

The cost will be $50 per day irrespective of how  long used.

What comes with the room:

  • Hot oil heater
  • Hot rock including heater and basalt rocks to use.
  • Room fully air conditioned (great in summer and winter.)
  • Full sets  of  draping for bed, 
  •  6 full sets of base cover, top covers, foot rolls and covers, head rest with covers
  • face cloths are supplied, as well as linen wipes for taking off oil etc.
  • Massage oil is  included. 
  • heater to warm up towels.
  • Mood lighting to soften room 
  • Music Ipod and amp/speakers

Further  possible option which are subject to cost, is the ability to utilize the Ezibook systems  under your name offering times  that are avail for you alone.  

Contact Chris  on 0274 404458  or