You can easily book on line

From the 2nd of September  until the 22nd  of October,  Chris from Portofino Massage will be travelling and Mayumi will be attending to the clients .

During that time the following times and prices will apply:

Monday direct with Mayumi Hutton of Tsubaki Massage, This is the normal day that Mayumi works.

Tuesday thru to Sat Mayumi will acting as the Locum on my behalf

Tuesday         10am-8pm

Wed               10am-8pm

Thursday       10am-8pm

Friday             9am-8pm

Saturday        10am-12.30pm

The cost during the Tuesday to Sat are as follows:

40 mins                      $45 

60 mins                      $70

90 mins                      $95 

  • Click on the link below for either Mayumi or Chris 

You can now book on line to confirm your Time allocation

Its so easy to check out what times are available and confirm a time to suit you, all you need to do is click on the link above, if you are already registered simply just confirm the time, to register, all you need is your name, cell phone  then check out a time to suit you.

How to use the booking system:

To use the EZEBook system,  simply click on the  below link, 

  • Then click on the green BOOK NOW icon
  • Click on BOOK,  this will show times  that you can chose.
  • Click  on the time  that you require.
  • This will then shows days where that time chosen is available.
  • Click  on what time /day you want and confirm booking.

 You can now book on line to confirm your Time allocation

The clinic is open  from Monday to Friday normal business hours,  9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Saturday 9.00 am to 12.00


Late nights are Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday till 8.00 pm (depending on the therapist)

We also offer onsite at your place, at an  extra charge, but only on the Peninsular.