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Note: special prices for over 65's or groups,see bottom of the page

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Prices are effective as of 1/1/2021

On Arrival

Client information form
please feel free to download in advance and complete before you arrive on your first visit.
Massage Client Info form_1.pdf (319.87KB)
Client information form
please feel free to download in advance and complete before you arrive on your first visit.
Massage Client Info form_1.pdf (319.87KB)

For all new clients please allow an additional 10 mins to complete a client information form, this will provide valuable information about your current and past health, the sort of work or sports  that you are active in, and the reason why you are here today.This information lets the therapist know how to work with you or if there are any contradictions  that may conflict with you not receiving a massage. 

You can now book online you confirm your time allocation

If the time that you would like is not available, please send in a request via our contact page.

 We now offer evenings clinics for those who work, we are open on Tues / Wed / Thurs evening or other times , subject to request and availability.

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Portofino Swedish Relaxation Massage /Balinese Massage

Indulge in our Signature Full body Massage using essential oils  to help relieve a tired body and calm the stressed mind.

Each relaxation Massage can take between 30 to 90 minutes, however you will require a minimum of 60 mins for a full body relaxation massage.

Prices are: 30 mins $50,  45 mins  $60  Portofino Signature Relaxation Massage 60 mins $80 , 90 mins $110.

Head, Neck, Back and Shoulders .

This is a very focused Sport Style of massage, Just for the Head Neck Back and shoulders, Generally a 30 minute session is not enough to sort out these issues, so this is a 40 minute massage at a great price.

Price is: 45 mins $60 

Portofino Hot Rocks

The ancient use of Basalt flat stones offers a head to toe treatment. These hot stones bring relief to tense muscles and sore joints, the gentle use of the rocks themselves over trigger points and muscle offer another dimension over the typical massage. The use of oils keeps the senses stimulated and allow smooth and carefree rolling over the skin.

We only offer a 90 minute massage as any shorter length of time does not do justice to this type of massage

 Prices are:    Hot rocks Massage    90 mins $150


Every hot rocks massage recipient will receive a Koha Gift box of goodies.* when sold at normal prices. click on photo to view


Koha Goodie Box

Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage provides an effective way to release muscle tension and helps restore the balance and function of the muscular skeletal system. A very effective way to treat sprains and sports injuries. The therapist will work the areas of tension to a level that will allow the muscle to open and provide for better blood flow and rejuvenation 

Prices are:  Deep tissue/sports massage 30 mins $50,  45 mins  $60   60 mins $80 , 90 mins $110.


Indian Head Massage (Holistic Head Massage) 

the Traditional Indian massage is invigorating, revitalising and rejuvenating, the massage works the areas of the upper back, shoulders, scalp and face. the use of oils in the scalp is an option if the hair and scalp requires nourishment.

This massage is performed fully clothed.

Prices are: Indian Head Massage 30 mins $50,   60 mins $80

Cardiac Rehabilitation *

 This is a series of one hour consultations whereby we work through the following areas.

Your dietary needs, including visiting supermarkets and understanding what the labels mean and what is more appropriate food.

Understanding your condition, helping with terminology and plain English.

Stress relief through massage.

Supporting your ability to return to the workforce. understanding your current situation and helping work through options to get back to the workforce or making changes in your life style.

*Some of the services may require more specialised advice, then additional health Care specialists may be required i.e Physiotherapists,Psychologists and Cardiologists.

NOTE: These cardiac rehabilitation session can be provided free subject to certain criteria been meet.

  Prices are:    $80 per 1 hour consultation.

 We also now offer  ON SITE Massage treatments*

* plus $20 per visit


NOTE: Special prices are available for over 65's or Groups, to apply for this and see the special prices click on email link below:


or Download the information sheet 

Over 65's Prices:

1 hour Massage for $69

30  minute massage $40    45 min massage $45